City Tour

Drive through capital Kingstown bordered by the sea and encircled by green hills and ridges. Stop and view our famous churches: St. Georges’ Cathedral built in the 1800’s and the Methodist Church situated directly across the street. Just outside of the capital is the Cathedral of the Assumption comprising several architectural styles. From there, circle up to Fort Charlotte situated on a ridge 636 feet above sea level and completed in 1806. It offers a magnificent view of Kingstown and the Grenadines to the South.


Kingstown/Government Buildings

This tour starts across from the sea port where the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is located. Cruising down Bay Street will lead to the Financial Complex that houses the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Planning and Statistics. Driving along Bay Street towards New Montrose near the Botanical Gardens where the residence of the Head of State the Governor General is found.

Then onto Old Montrose where you will find the newly renovated home of the Prime Minister, and just a few yards away is the Police Headquarters. We then visit the last cluster of ministerial buildings such as the Ministry of Education, Social Development, National Security and Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries.



Petroglyps/Marked Stones

This tours stars at Fort Charlotte then to the Botanical Gardens followed by a breathtaking drive up the leeward coast to visit various marked stones at Buccament, and the fishing towns of Layou and Barrouallie – home of the Black Fish.  We also go up to Belle Isle Hill famous for its red earth.




Wallilabou Anchorage / Movie Location

Starting at Fort Charlotte onto The Botanical Gardens – the oldest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.  The tour continues via the Leeward Highway to Buccament, layout, Barrouallie and Wallilabou, visiting all the spots used as filming locations for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.




Vermont Nature Trail

Hike through well-maintained path of lush evergreen rain forest.  This is one of the major habitats of our national bird, the Vincy parrot – Amazona Guildingii. You would also get to view various species of flora and fauna.




Food Story

The most fertile region of mainland St. Vincent is the Marriaqua Valley commonly referred to by the name of the most populous town Mesopotamia or “Mespo”, also known as “the breadbasket of SVG”.  Going north from Mespo along the numerous ridges onto the Montreal Gardens with its array of exotic flora, mineral deposit streams and towering ferns nestled beside the Grand and Petit Bonhomme Mountains.  Then onto Greggs, the home of the Black Caribs.





La Soufriere Volcano 

One of the few active volcanoes (4,048 ft approx at its peak) that is accessible as well as safe to visit.  A 26-mile drive from Kingstown, travelling along the windward Highway takes you to the foot of the mountain.  Better taken in the earlier part of the day, the arduous climb on the trail of verdant volcanic ridges lined with bamboo and tropical trees takes about two (2) hours.



Dark View Falls

Beginning in the capital city Kingstown with a scenic tour up the Leeward (West) Coast.  Enjoy the breathtaking views created by our rugged coastline that embraces the many towns and villages along the way.  On reaching Richmond we turn towards a water catchment at the entrance to the site.  Cross a 100-foot rustic bamboo canopy onto the magnificent Dark View Falls, one of our premier attractions.  After, onto a local restaurant.


Windward (East Coast)

Includes visits to the renowned Botanical Gardens (1765), Fort Charlotte, capital Kingstown, Mesopotamia Valley then continues on the Windward Highway through to Georgetown and the Rabbaca Dry River at the base of the La Soufriere volcano.  At the end of it all one can stop and have a meal or cool tropical drink at a famous local restaurant.




Owia Salt Pond

This attraction is located in the far north of the country.  The tour starts from the Dry River and passes under the Old Aqueduct at Orange Hill that was used to provide the former sugar factory with water many years ago.  Onto Sandy Bay, one of the main Carib settlements where the typical Carib traits are immediately recognizable and traditional foods and customs still exists.  Along the route, located next to the main road in Sandy Bay is an old water well that was used by the local community.



Sugar Story

This tour leaves Kingstown via the windward Highway passing through Colonaire (at one time arrowroot producing area) and proceeding to two famous tunnels – Black Point and Byrea.  These tunnels featured prominently in transporting sugar and molasses to England in colonial times.  The first major town on this tour is Georgetown from which a short trip to the Rabbaca Dry River gets you close to the base of the La Soufriere mountain range and the dormant volcano.




Point Hill: The tour begins with a stop at Point Hill, this is and old Fort on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.  The Fort is about 300 feet above sea-level and offers a sweeping view of Admiralty Bay and the Southern Coast of Bequia.  This is a perfect sport for a photo of your ship in the harbour.

Mount Pleasant: The tour continues on to the village of Mount Pleasant with offers a glorious view of the Caribbean sea and the other Grenadines Islands.

Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary: discover a fascinating marine conservation project.  Hatchlings less than 1.5 inches long, are collected from their nests before they get to the sea and raised on basins until they are 10 inches or more, then released in the ocean giving them a better chance of survival.